Nuova Ompi

Padova (2018)



The Client

Nuova Ompi is part of the Pharmaceutical System of Stevanato Group, a global leader specialized in ready-to-use glass containers and bulk primary packaging and high-quality and high-precision plastic solutions for diagnostic, pharmaceutical and medical device applications.  

The opportunity
We identified the opportunity of installing a 2MWe trigeneration plant for production and self consumption of hot water, chilled water, steam, and after winning a tender we were awarded the project. We agreed on a shared savings contract which scope of supply also included a 2MW Chiller and a 1MW Free Cooler. In the design phase we upgraded to a larger 2,7MWe unit. The plant is active since December 1, 2018 and will run approximately 8400 hours/year. With a total efficiency of 84%, it will generate a significant economic saving to be shared by the parties and will save approximately 2.000 TOE/year.  


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