Federico Pacorini


Federico Pacorini is a successful and experienced entrepreneur. With his brother Roberto he developed a local medium size firm into an international group, specialized in the logistics of commodities. In 1981 he saw the opportunity of storing LME traded metals at his Trieste warehouse. Almost 30 years later the Pacorini Group was able to sell its Metals Business Unit for 140M€. He led the Trieste Industrial Association for 8 years and ran for mayor of Trieste in 2000. In 2011, Federico and his sons sold their stake in Pacorini and focused on investing in new business ventures.

Paolo Ricciulli

Investor & Director

Paolo Ricciulli is an accomplished entrepreneur with a strong managerial background. In 1994 he acquired a struggling production plant in the sector of high-quality Italian food, and led it to become the market leader in Italy and the third largest producer in Europe.  For his remarkable achievement, he was awarded the title of Cavaliere del Lavoro by the President of the Italian Republic. In 2014 he sold his company to a publicly traded company for a multimillion euros deal, and focused on overseeing investment of his financial assets and provide consulting services in the industry. 

Pietro Perelli Rocco


Pietro Perelli has 24 years of experience in Real Estate and Infrastructure Project Management. For over 10 years he has been a key lead in guiding and overviewing the Porta Nuova project in Milan, a 2,5 billion euros investment in the heart of Milan. He oversaw the project from conception and pre-development to design, construction and final delivery, leading a team of 50 professionals with most diverse backgrounds. Pietro’s first job was with ENI and Agip as an offshore structural engineer responsible for oil and gas platforms. Pietro holds a Honors Degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Trieste and a Masters degree in Architecture from the University of Sidney. Through his Firm specialised in Project Management, Pietro is a shareholder of EnerProject and supports its activities with strategic advising.